Fly Away Fruit Fly Trap Products

Our kit is designed with your kitchen, bar, or restaurant in mind. Each kit contains 3 x discrete and attractive fruit fly traps, and over 180 days of food-safe powerful liquid lure. The traps are re-usable, so you only need to order the 12 oz. liquid lure refill after you purchase the kit. The 12 oz. liquid lure may also be used as a stand-alone product with any appropriate dish to catch fruit flies.

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Size: Fruit Fly Trap Kit
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This works! My son has a restaurant and the bar area always has fruit flies to contend with. After putting these attractive little pots out for a few days, I checked to see what was in them. [...] I was thrilled to see dozens of dead fruit flies. I ordered more!
Jane Holden
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The Most Effective Solution on the Market

Food Safe Ingredients

Our formula is harsh chemical free. All the ingredients are natural, so you can keep it on your countertop stress-free!

Effective Bait Formula

You'll be amazed at how effective this formula is. Catching fruit flies will take just minutes after setting it up

Long-Lasting Formula

A 12 oz bottle of lure lasts 3 months. No more messy or dangerous methods that are inconvenient.

Easy to maintain

Assembling takes a couple of minutes! Just pour the lure into the container and place it near your fruit bowl.

How it works

Simply pour 2 oz. of liquid lure into each of the fruit fly traps, and place in different locations around your kitchen, bar, or anywhere fruit flies abound. Compost bins, trashcans, and sinks are good locations for the traps to be near.

Ditch the fake plastic apple

Being refillable and reusable, our fly trap is not only a more environment-conscious solution, but a more convenient one. With one bottle of the lure lasting 3 months, there are less chances fruit flies catch you off guard. Plus, the sleek design blends in better in any kitchen, and the green color is not only more elegant, but does a better job at attracting flies.

Safety is our #1 priority

Our formula is made with food-safe, natural ingredients, while still being a powerful solution against fruit flies. It’s designed to allow you to place it on your countertop with confidence. Rest assured, it provides a safe and efficient way to keep fruit flies away.

Keep Your Kitchen Fruit Fly-Free